Vendors: Put a Spring into your House Sale

Last Winter we talked through the best steps to weather the winter storms and successfully sell a property during the notoriously quiet winter period. The good news is that Spring is here! Well, ostensibly, we’d still like the temperature up a few degrees but the clocks have changed, the nights are drawing out and the sun is shining brighter. Bring out the buyers! Statistically, between now and the summer months are when most of us sell and buy homes. But that brighter sunshine doesn’t just light up your home and make it more inviting, it also highlights all its defects; those smears on the windows, the dust and cobwebs in the corner, stains on the carpets. There are many, so here’s our top tips to put a spring into your property sale:

  1. First Impressions. The first image your prospective buyers are going to see whether in the flesh or via property search engine, is a picture of the outside of your property. So, make it stand out from the rest. Get the windows cleaned, varnish the doorstep if it needs it, weed the front garden, pop a couple of pot plants by the front door with the spring flowers, such as pansies and daffodils, if you can.
  2. Let there be light. Summer is on its way. We’re no interior designers but light gives the impression of space so, where possible, have as much natural light coming in as possible. Open curtains, pull up blinds; if you have particularly dark curtains, think about swapping them for something lighter. Light reflects light; the more you can have coming in the better. Not every day is a sunny day in the UK; if a property looks relatively light even on a dull day, prospective buyers are likely to acknowledge this.
  3. Get your paint brush out. No, we’re not suggesting you spend a fortune on redecorating the house top-to-bottom only for prospective buyers not to find it to their taste. What we’re suggesting is that you go around every-room and ‘touch up’ scuff marks on walls, skirting boards and door frames. If you do have some particularly grubby areas – especially entrance halls; remember those first impressions – you might like to consider some redecoration; fresh paint has that ‘new’ smell which is inviting to prospective buyers.
  4. Declutter & Depersonalise. It might feel rather clinical to live in a home where all your personal possessions have been tucked away in drawers and cupboards but it is short-term inconvenience for long-term gain. It’s all about creating space. A clean, tidy, decluttered room with minimal photos (we’re not expecting you to make your home completely sterile) will help your prospective buyers envisage your house as their home. It’s really the psychology behind selling a home, you may have even experienced it yourself when viewing properties; when a home is messy and cluttered, it’s difficult to envisage your belongings in it. Lots of photos everywhere suggests , ‘This is our home, not yours!’ By minimalizing your belongings you are opening up the space for prospective buyers to consider how they would live in it.
  5. Create Space. We’ve already touched on this with decluttering, depersonalising and creating as much light as possible, but having a little shift around of your furniture might make your home a little more spacious and inviting to prospective buyers. Your home is set-up to meet your needs but having a little reshuffle of the three piece suite or removing one or two items could create an inviting, spacious home which your prospective buyers fall in love with.
  6. We have 5 senses; use them. First impressions don’t just come by sight. Fresh coffee, baked bread, fresh laundry; all are inviting smells to any prospective buyer. Touch is important too. Again, we’re not expecting you to take a short course in Interior Design, but a few new scatter cushions and some strategically placed art on the walls or sculptures/ornaments around the home can all add to the ambience. If you carefully watch an engaged buyer when they’re viewing a property, you’ll find that many trace the back of a sofa, the edge of a bed, or a wall with their fingers.
  7. Get your Gardening Gloves on. Oh, you live in a flat you say? Okay, so you don’t have a garden but window boxes in bloom do look bright and inviting, don’t you think? Especially if they smell lovely. And, if you do have a garden, now is time to get the lawn mown, the patio weeded, the borders pruned and decide if you need a little trip down the garden centre to make a few choice purchases to brighten up your borders. We’re not into summer yet; a garden can look so sparse in Spring with only a little blossom on the trees. Anything you can do to make your garden spacious and inviting will again put another tick on your prospective buyers list.

And it goes without saying to have a jolly good clean, dust and remove any signs of stains on carpets. Okay, yes, that is quite a lot of work we’re giving you but, be assured, it will be worth it in the long run.

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Best wishes,

Rob Buckley


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