Staying Ahead of the Game

The property sector seems to be the talk of the town at the moment and new legislation is being introduced all the time!

Over the last couple of months portable appliance testing, also commonly known as PAT testing has come up more than once and I think it’s something you should be acting on now… For instance, look how long we’ve known about the possibility of electrical testing going from a recommendation to a legal requirement and from 2019 this will finally be in place and all landlords will require this in order to let out their property.

There are numerous rumours surrounding PAT testing within the industry and talk about more laws coming into play and this mainly started upon the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.  Simple PAT testing can highlight issues which a landlord or tenant may not be aware of firsthand, such as reclaimed or counterfeit items that do not meet the UK safety standards; along with general wear and tear over the years.  Government statistics show that in 2016-2017 a faulty electrical appliance was the largest cause of accidental house fires in the UK.

The consequences of ignoring and getting things wrong today could in fact provide you with an enormous headache tomorrow!

It is important to act now as what tends to happen is that people wait for as long as they can to cut down costs and when new rules come in everyone suddenly jumps and needs a contractor; by this point the contractor has put their prices up and they have that many jobs on you are further down the list than you would like to wait. What if the wait is so long that you end up having to use an unknown contractor and sub-standard works are carried out… well you’re not that further forward than before if that’s the case.

Most importantly though is your tenant’s safety and this should come first whether there is legislation is in place or not!

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