How to describe your home

Property descriptions are often overlooked. Nobody reads them, right? People just look at the photos don’t they? Its true that images are often the first thing to catch a buyer’s eye, however, the words you use to describe your home can have a lasting impact on the reader.

Here at Sure Sales and Lettings we believe in doing things differently to make your home stand out. One of these key areas is our marketing and the property description is part of this. All our marketing packages are unique and tailored to each home in its own right. We sell lifestyles not just bricks and mortar and our marketing reflects this.

We reject boring and ‘practical’ property descriptions and favour telling the story of your home.  Highlighting what makes your home so special, showcasing all its unique characteristics that make it shine. Buying a home is an emotionally driven purchase. Many would say it has to be a practical decision, however, if a house doesn’t pull on your buyer’s heart strings its unlikely they will snap it up.

Our descriptions are emotive. They conjure up visions of what it is like to live in your home and the lifestyle it offers. This helps your buyers connect to your house and imagine themselves living there. It helps them fall in love with your home even before they’ve stepped through the door.

There are many poor examples of property descriptions out there. Many estate agents list each room, room by room describing naff features such as how many electrical sockets there are. Boring…. A buyer is not going to buy a home based on the number of electrical sockets in a room. A quick browse on Rightmove to find an example and the following comes up. This perfectly illustrates the point:

3.2m x 2.7m approx. (10’6” x 8’10” approx.) Cupboard housing the underfloor heating manifold, recessed spot lights, two internet points, TV point, telephone point, power sockets, Virgin Media input and aluminium double glazed window to the front elevation.”

This description was used to sell a £850,000, spectacular, unique property. It is common to see such descriptions. Very practical but very boring.

Often, we find that a buyer of a home is very much like the current owner was all the years ago when they originally fell in love with their home. It is uncanny how often we see this. We harness this knowledge to help us sell your home by interviewing you to find out what it is exactly about your home that you love in. We use the wonderful stories you tell us in our property descriptions to bring your home to life and attract the right buyer. Adding little snippets of your memories and tales about your home makes the property description interesting and engaging. Here a little extract to demonstrate:

“I asked the owner what living here has meant to her and her family. “It will be hard leaving this house because I do love the property so much. It’s been a big, happy family house, spread over three storeys. There is a whistle hanging on the bannister, so I didn’t have to shout when food was ready; each child had a different signal on the whistle to come down, it was all very Sound of Music. Precious memories like this will stay with me.” 

This kind of description really captures the reader’s attention, creates an emotive image and helps the reader to emotionally connect. How could you resist viewing this home after reading this? And no mention of a plug socket or television point at all.

So, how does your property description read? Does it capture the special characteristics of your home and tell a story? Or is it dull and boring? Email us your Rightmove link and we’ll be happy to give you some honest, constructive feedback. Email

If you want to know why we are different and how our property descriptions stand out take a look at this example

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