Brockwell Centre, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1XZ,

We decided to open our Sure Lettings Newcastle franchise because of our own experiences as Landlords in the Newcastle area.

We have been running other businesses and a portfolio of properties for many years. Because of this we know what landlords want from a letting agent and we believe we can provide the best professional service for landlords and tenants. We aim to make Sure Lettings Newcastle a household name in the local area.

If you are looking to rent a property or have a property to let in the Newcastle area then please make us your first call. Sure Lettings Newcastle has a wide range of service to suit both our tenants and landlords requirements.

We pride ourselves on giving sound, professional advice and meeting your expectations in all areas of property letting and management. Our main focus is to work together with our clients in the most friendly and helpful manner.

We have considerable experience in the property lettings sector and extensive local knowledge which is hugely beneficial whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

The property market is ever expanding and we have professional links with the main property newspapers, property portals and other advertising media. This ensures that if you are a landlord your property will get the most exposure possible and if you are a tenant there are many different platforms you can search for your new home with Sure Lettings.

If you are a landlord or a tenant then please get in contact with us. We will be pleased to provide you with a no obligation consultation on what Sure Lettings Newcastle can offer. You will then see how we differ from other agencies.

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Brockwell Centre, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1XZ,


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We are coming up to that time to year where property chains sink, swim and many tread water. I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before what a metaphorical full stop Christmas is for the property industry. As we enter December, many people’s minds turn to Christmas, not everyone’s, but if someone in your chain… Read more »

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Congratulations, you’ve had an offer accepted. From this point on you are entering the sales progression stage. This is the final hurdle but the most sensitive part of the whole process. The sales progression stage is the time following offer acceptance through to completion and moving day. One in three sales fall through during this… Read more »

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Last time on the blog, Tom talked about MEES and landlords facing mandatory force to improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties. Since then, the Government has announced they’re not stopping there. Last week, the Ministry for Housing announced that they are going to carry out a private rental sector health and safety review*… Read more »

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The property sector seems to be the talk of the town at the moment and new legislation is being introduced all the time! Over the last couple of months portable appliance testing, also commonly known as PAT testing has come up more than once and I think it’s something you should be acting on now…… Read more »

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MEES has been in for six months now and is beginning to make its mark in the lettings industry. For many properties, MEES has not been an issue as EPCs have been around for over a decade and as EPCs have been a requirement for Landlords in order to let-out a property since April 2008,… Read more »

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All prices include VAT.

Tenants Fees

  • Application Fee: £120
  • Referencing Fee x1: £120
  • Referencing Fee x2: £240
  • Referencing Fee x3: £360
  • Referencing Fee x4: £480
  • Referencing Fee x5: £600
  • Bounced Cheque Fee: £24
  • Arrears Phone Call Fee: £12
  • Arrears Letter Fee: £18
  • Arrears Visit Fee: £30
  • Failure to keep appointment fee: £60
  • Renewal 6 Months Fee: £84
  • Renewal 12 Months Fee: £60
  • Extending Periodic Fee: £36
  • Final Inventory Fee: £108

Landlord Fees

  • Fully Managed Agency Fee: 12.5% PCM
  • Rent Collection Agency Fee: 11.5% PCM
  • Let Only Agency Fee: 80% of first months rent or £500 minimum
  • Tenancy Setup Fee: £150
  • Inventory Fee: See Below
  • Rent Guarantee Fee: Free (first 6 months)
  • Rent Guarantee Fee: £82.80 (per tenant)
  • Management of Contractors: 10% of invoice
  • Tenancy Renewal / Extension: £60
  • Final Inventory Fee: £60
  • Check In Fee: £60
  • Tax Report Fee: £48
  • Right To Rent Check: £12

Inventory Fees


  • 1 Bed: £144
  • 2 Bed: £168
  • 3 Bed: £192
  • 4 Bed: £216
  • 5+ Bed: £240


  • 1 Bed: £156
  • 2 Bed: £180
  • 3 Bed: £204
  • 4 Bed: £228
  • 5+ Bed: £252

All prices include VAT.