Buying a Property

Buying a property can be a daunting task especially if you are a first time buyer or haven’t moved for a few years. Our fully trained estate agents make finding, and buying your home a pleasurable experience.

It all starts with a viewing

Once you have found a property you would like to view, you should contact your local Sure Sales branch who will arrange a suitable time and date. All viewings are accompanied buy one of our agents. This not only ensures the security of the property we are representing, but also the local agents will have a wealth of knowledge about the local area which is particularly useful if you are new to the town or city.

Let the Negotiations Begin

After falling in love with a property the next step is to negotiate a price. Our agents will lease with the property owner (who we refer to as the vendor) and put forward your offer. Our agents must inform the vendor of any offer put forward, however our agents will help you put together an offer which is realistic and attractive to the vendor. If the vendor is looking for a quick sale, or if the property requires extensive work you may be able to purchase the property for a lower value than the advertised price, however this decision is ultimately down to the vendor.

Over to the solicitors

Once an offer has been instructed the process is handed over to the conveyancing solicitors who will deal with the legalists of the sale and purchase of a property. At this stage the time it takes to process the sale is down to the solicitors and complexity of the sale.

Once the contracts have been exchanged you will be notified of a move in date. Our agents our here to help you throughout the process from the initial viewing right the way through to a successful completion.

Find your local branch here to get your questions answered about buying a property through Sure Sales.